Sinful Numbers

Registered Teams: 45 Pce

Registered Partypeeps: 308 Pce

Booked Sleeping Hall Spots: 201 / 200 Pce

Booked Sitting Tickets: 195 / 400 Pce

Booked Caps Tickets: 299 / 400 Pce



Syndafloden contains politically incorrect humor that can be triggering for people of homo sapiens sapiens and is not recommended as entertainment for anyone. When you have read this and still choose to show up at Syndafloden we reserve the right to don´t give a fuck about your complaints if you bitch and whine. OBS! Syndafloden is an event organized by Qult, which is not an organisation under Jönköping Student Union. Jönköping Student Union can therefore not be held accountable for anything that is said or done during the event. If you are offended, Qult is to blame.


Syndafloden takes place in Swedens own Jerusalem – Jönköping!


1 – 3 of march 1981 anno Bob.

what is Syndafloden?

If you don´t know that you should be ashamed. But because i want Christmas presents for Christmas i will tell you. It is of course an utlandsphest.

What happens at Syndafloden?

Se Schedule.


The ticket release is traditionally at sundown 31 of January (16:24) Out of town – 450 kr Patch, Caps, Sitting, Games, Sleeping hall, free entrance at Akademien until 23.00 for two nights (as long as it is not full). Out of town mini – 350 (without sittning) Patch, Caps, Games, Sleeping hall, free entrance at Akademien until 23.00 for two nights (as long as it is not full). In town – 250 (with reservations for changes) Patch, Caps, Sitting, Games. Sitting - 175 kr Caps - 75 kr

Reservation closes Wednesday 21 February at 23.55

Payment has to be at our hands by 27 February. Payment information will be available by e-mail after the reservations has been closed.

Reservations are binding and the last cancellation date is 21 February.

Sleeping hall

Sleeping and other dumb stuff is done at Kulturhuset (not Spira) in Tändsticksområdet, that is close to the bus station/train station, a small walk from Systembolaget, Netto, Hemköp, pizzeria and Hälsoparken.

see the map

Dont drink alcohol outside of the sleeping hall. The police will be there. Deposition of 100 kr per person in the team needs to be paid when the team leader check in. Check in at the sleeping hall.


Akademien reserves the right to not let you in if you are to drunk. Observe that at Akademien you don´t bring your own alcohol. Alcohol is sold for student friendly prizes. You are not allowed to check your alcohol in the wardrobe. Akademien doesn't accept cash!


The games follow the theme of the seven deadly sins. The games are located in Hälsoparken. See map.

To the game ”lust”, every team are supposed to make a sex toy. This toy falls in Qults ownership after it has been shown to the judges of the game.


More information about the sittning will be sent to the team leaders by e-mail.